Breaking News and Content API

Whether you are a developer or just someone who would like to import news and content into an application you use, NewswireAPI is your perfect solution.

No Overage Fees

Your NewswireAPI Plan allows you to start a new billing period early if your NewswireAPI Credits are depleted before your next billing period starts which prevents expensive overage fees that other API services charge.

No <strong>Overage Fees</strong>

Developer Friendly

The API Documentation provides all of the documentation you need to start using NewswireAPI and the API Search Wizard makes it easy for anyone to set up an API URL request while the API Page Wizard helps you create simple news and content pages for projects.

<strong>Developer</strong> Friendly

Non-developer Friendly

If you are not a developer or a developer who wants to get started immediately, you can use the newswireapi-cli command-line application for easy access to NewswireAPI from Windows, Linux or MacOS devices without requiring any integration development.

<strong>Non-developer</strong> Friendly

Powerful Search Engine

The NewswireAPI search engine was developed specifically for news and content with a focus on flexibility and performance. NewswireAPI allows you to search and exclude content by topic, source, feed, words and strings.

Powerful <strong>Search Engine</strong>

Unique Content Filters

NewswireAPI provides unique content filters that allow you to exclude known political content, left-leaning and/or right-leaning biased sources, paywall sources and duplicate (syndicated) content with more filters planned.

Unique <strong>Content Filters</strong>

Mulitple Data Formats

NewswireAPI provides multiple data format options including JSON, RSS, CSV (comma-delimited), TSV (tab-delimited) and simple HTML with support for more formats planned.

Mulitple <strong>Data Formats</strong>

High Quality Content

Every source indexed by NewswireAPI is chosen specifically by our staff for inclusion which helps NewswireAPI maintain a high level of quality and wide variety of diverse content.

High <strong>Quality Content</strong>

Low Bandwidth Usage

You can specify the exact data fields and their order you want returned from NewswireAPI and also exclude empty data fields to further reduce bandwidth usage and processing time.

<strong>Low Bandwidth</strong> Usage

Fast Content Discovery

The NewswireAPI search indexing system learns how often sources add new content and continually adapts its indexing schedule for each source based on those patterns. This allows NewswireAPI to provide recently published news and content much faster than other services.

Fast <strong>Content Discovery</strong>
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