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NewswireAPI Plans

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About NewswireAPI Plans

Selecting the right API Plan is important, but it can also be stressful when you have to choose between pricing tiers for requests allowed as well as features and options that may be limited to higher-priced tiers.

NewswireAPI simplifies the pricing process while also protecting you from overage fees if you exceed your plan's requests allowed. You do not have to worry about how many API requests you will make each month or which features you may need that are paywalled behind higher-priced tiers.

The only difference between the NewswireAPI Plans is the average rate you pay per request. All NewswireAPI features are provided in all NewswireAPI Plans, so you only have to decide which NewswireAPI Plan best fits your needs.

NewswireAPI Plan NewswireAPI Plan Price Per Request
NewswireAPI Plan 25 (25,000 requests / month) $50.00 / month $0.0020
NewswireAPI Plan 50 (50,000 requests / month) $90.00 / month $0.0018
NewswireAPI Plan 100 (100,000 requests / month) $160.00 / month $0.0016
NewswireAPI Plan 250 (250,000 requests / month) $300.00 / month $0.0012
***  NewswireAPI Plans are billed monthly.  ***

Note: If you deplete your monthly credits early and have Keep API Access Active enabled,
you will be billed at that time and a new billing period will start!

NewswireAPI Plan Questions and Answers

What is a NewswireAPI Plan?

A NewswireAPI Plan adds NewswireAPI Credits to your account so that you can use and integrate NewswireAPI into your sites, apps, etc.

What is an API Request?

An API Request is made every time your NewswireAPI Key is used to connect and request data from NewswireAPI such as from a site, app, software or manual request.

What are NewswireAPI Credits?

NewswireAPI Credits allow you to make API requests with NewswireAPI. NewswireAPI Credits can be added to your account automatically with NewswireAPI Plans.

Can I cancel my NewswireAPI Plan?

Yes, you can Cancel your NewswireAPI Plan at any time.

Your NewswireAPI access will continue to work until the end of your billing period as long as you have unused NewswireAPI credits remaining.

What happens to my NewswireAPI access when I cancel my NewswireAPI Plan?

You can continue to use NewswireAPI after you cancel your NewswireAPI Plan until your current billing period ends and as long as you have NewswireAPI Credits remaining.

Once your billing period ends or your NewswireAPI Credits have been depleted, your access to NewswireAPI will be disabled.
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