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Access and retreive NewswireAPI data without having to write any code.

newswireapi-cli  —  Command Line Interface Application

The newswireapi-cli app is a free command-line interface and terminal application that makes it easy to make NewswireAPI requests without having to write any code.


Linux newswireapi-cli-linux.zip
Windows newswireapi-cli-windows.zip
MacOS *** Coming soon! ***


Step 1 -- Download the newsapiwire-cli ZIP file for your operating system.

Step 2 -- Unzip the newsapiwire-cli ZIP file.

Step 3 -- In Windows, run Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell.
Step 3 -- In Linux, run Terminal or connect using an SSH client.
Step 3 -- In MacOS, run Terminal or connect using an SSH client.

Step 4 -- Change to the directory/folder where you downloaded and unzipped the newswireapi-cli application.

Step 5 -- Run the newswireapi-cli application with the -apikey parameter and any additional preferred parameters using the documentation below or the API Search Wizard.

Step 6 -- To continue using the same parameters repeatedly, consider creating a batch file in Windows or a shell script in Linux/MacOS to run the newswireapi-cli application with your preferred parameters.


You can view more extensive documentation for NewswireAPI on the NewswireAPI Documentation page.

newswireapi-cli   {authorization}   {options}   {flags}   "#topic @source.com .source-com-news keywords"


-apikey your NewswireAPI Key


-format the NewswireAPI data format to return -- {json|rss|csv|tab|html} [default=json]
-timezone timezone identifier -- {America/New_york}{Europe/London}{Asia/Hong_Kong}{...} [default=UTC]
-fields the NewswireAPI data fields to return -- {fieldname1}{,fieldname2}{,...}
-rows max number of NewswireAPI data rows to return
-start start with NewswireAPI data row number
-savefile data will be stored in this file if defined
-topic topic to use in search
-source source to use in search
-feed feed to use in search
-location location to use in search


-noheader do not include header row with csv and tab data formats -- {0}{1} [default=0]
-nopolitics do not include known political content -- {0}{1} [default=0]
-nobias do not include known left or right leaning sources -- {0}{1} [default=0]
-nobiasleft do not include known left leaning sources -- {0}{1} [default=0]
-nobiasright do not include known right leaning sources -- {0}{1} [default=0]
-nopaywall do not include known paywall sources -- {0}{1} [default=0]
-noduplicates do not include duplicate content from multipel sources -- {0}{1} [default=0]
-noempty exclude fields with no values set (0=no, 1=non-zero, 2=all) -- {0}{1}{2} [default=0]


* = default fields included with all formats except RSS

*author Jane Doe
bias right
biasleft 0
biasright 1
categories category1,category2,category3, .. (from source)
*content The content of the item ..
*date 2021-12-01T12:34:56+00:00 (RSS = Wed, 01 Dec 2021 12:34:56 +0000)
date_age 47 minutes
date_age_letter 47m
date_age_short 47 min
date_day 01
date_day_name Wednesday
date_day_name_short Wed
date_day_short 1
date_dmy 01-12-2021
date_formal January 1, 2022
date_formal_long Saturday, January 1, 2022
date_formal_short Jan 1, 2022
date_iso8601 2021-12-01T12:34:56+00:00
date_mdy 12-01-2021
date_month 05
date_month_name December
date_month_name_short Dec
date_month_short 5
date_rfc2822 Wed, 01 Dec 2021 12:34:56 +0000
date_year 2021
date_ymd 2021-12-01
feeds .source-com-news
id cc8e878871365eb5a5bb8edc1b281465
image_height 600
image_size 123456
image_type png (png|jpg|jpeg|gif|bmp|webp)
image_url https://source.com/img/content-image.png
image_width 800
paywall 0
political 0
*source source.com
time_12 03:43:21
time_12_full 03:43:21pm
time_12_full_space 03:43:21 pm
time_12_short 03:43pm
time_12_short_space 03:43 pm
time_24 15:43:21
time_ampm pm
timestamp 1638362096
*title Title of Content
topic topic1 .. (from NewswireAPI)
topics topic1,topic2,topic3, .. (from NewswireAPI)
*url https://source.com/section/title-of-content


  • Request JSON data with up to 10 results matching "blockchain*" string in #technology topic.

newswireapi-cli   -apikey=*****   -format=json   -rows=10   "#technology blockchain"

  • Request RSS feed with up to 15 results matching "elon*" string and "musk*" string from @wired.com source and excluding known political content and paywalled sources.

newswireapi-cli   -apikey=*****   -format=rss   -rows=15   -nopolitics=1   -nopaywall=1   "@wired.com elon musk"

  • Request CSV data with up to 20 results from @wired.com or @theverge.com or @theregister.com sources.

newswireapi-cli   -apikey=*****   -format=csv   -rows=20   "@wired.com @theverge.com @theregister.com"

  • Request JSON data with up to 15 results of title, url and date_age_letter fields in #news topic.

newswireapi-cli   -apikey=*****   -format=json   -rows=15   -fields=title,url,date_age_letter   "#news"

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